Our Animals

Maurice, affectionately called “MoMo,” is our lifelong resident and unofficial head of security. Maurice is a 13-year-old Great Dane. He loves visiting with all the animals and getting groomed by the horses. He likes walking the sanctuary, playing with the pigs, and patrolling the property for any visitors. 

Miami is a 13-year-old Thoroughbred. He was a racehorse and then a therapy horse. Because of arthritis in his knees he had not found his forever home. We took him in August of 2020, as a companion to our lifelong horse Loki. Miami is the sweetest most gentle guy ever. He loves getting good rub downs and he is crazy about swimming in the ponds or playing with water period! He is a fast guy and is often seen galloping across fields and playing with his friends. 

Mason is an 11-year-old Thoroughbred. In May of 2021, Mason joined us here at his forever home.  He was the second longest resident ever at another rescue and was struggling to find his forever home. He used to be pasture mates with Miami who was one of the only horses who got along with him. It was a life-changing event when we were able to bring them back together. Mason is super outgoing and silly. Although he is a thoroughbred he is small in size. When he was born he was stuck in a fence and no one tended to him and his growth was stunted. He does have a permanent injury on his hind leg from his rough start in life but it doesn’t slow him down! Playful, silly, and child like, drool and all, he is a huge favorite here! 

Nick is a 20-year-old Thoroughbred. He came to his forever home here in October of 2021. He was the longest resident ever at another rescue. He had EPM but it doesn’t show!  Nick is the herd leader and guardian of all. Normally seen with his lip up smiling, running around, or rolling in the sand. Nick is hilarious and sweet. He loves, loves, loves his belly scratched! Nick was also a pasture mate with Miami, Mason, and Thunder. Nick loves watching the cows and grooming the pigs and other horses. 

Thunder is a 19-year-old Thoroughbred. Thunder joined his forever home here the same time as Nick in October of 2021; there was no way we could let them get separated. He and Nick are so tight they are often seen running in perfect unison together. He has been Nick’s best friend for years. Thunder is a quiet but loving soul. He has had issues with the soles of his hooves but has drastically improved over the past several months. Thunder enjoys his neck, chest, and face rubbed and loves wandering the pastures with his buddies. 

This is Barry, Lady, Hilary and Cici, 4 ducks that were surrendered to us in May of 2021. They love swimming in the ponds and eating in the grass. They are very sweet and obviously love anything water related! 

Barry and Lady have upcoming surgeries and have been battling issues since their arrival. Upcoming posts about their status and how you can help coming soon. 

The sweetest rooster ever! Found wandering a cemetery, Ricky joined us in August of 2021. He is the best rooster ever, protects his hens and is super gentle! He is often heard crowing at the sanctuary and running around! 

Mika and Pocahontas are two hens that were adopted especially to keep Ricky company. They are gorgeous sweet girls and always found following Ricky everywhere! 

A stunning Sun Conure, Besos joined us in summer 2020. He is very talkative, loves water, grapes, and sunflowers. He plays with Milo and they are often seen by each other.  He loves giving kisses, so his name is appropriate. Besos means “kisses” in Spanish.

 Milo is a 5-year-old deaf Siamese. He came to us when he was 4 years old. Unfortunately he had been abandoned on the streets but a good samaritan found him and asked us if we would take him in. He is the sweetest boy and often hangs out with the ducks and chickens but can also be found sleeping in the craziest positions. He loves playing with palm fronds and watching birds. 

Boris and Odin are two boars found as babies by a saint! She caught them after someone dumped them in the wild when they were just tiny babies. They came here to their forever home in August of 2020. Odin was missing an eye from either birth or his time in the wild but it doesn’t stop him! They love soaking in the mud pit, playing with Jolly balls, especially Boris who is usually sitting on one with his front end, and decorating their bed with flowers and sticks. They are nuts about pineapple and apples and of course belly and ear rubs!

In Memory of Them

MulieOur beloved 30-year-old Arabian Mare
LokiMulie’s son and our cherished boy
PrinceMulie’s half brother, who looked so much like Loki
SugarA beautiful chestnut mare and retired barrel racer
LucA rescued ex-racehorse with a big personality 
JasmineAn angel on earth Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix
Julio and LodiTwo precious sisters, the sweetest cats ever
PeppermintOne of the cutest cat ever
MichelleThe biggest pig ever! A whopping 1,000 pounds and almost 6 feet long
RachelA fluffy, loving, lamb
StoneyThe goat with so much spunk
Nanny GoatA regular house guest for coffee 
PhoebeA wonderful tiny terrier mix
ChicksThe recent 4 girls that shared a short year with us and all the many before them

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