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Barry’s Better

Barry soaking in the inside pool (my bathtub). He had an infection in one of his legs, and had surgery last week. He’s feeling much better today!!

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Snuggly Odin

Odin all dry and snuggly keeping out of the tropical storm rains. #rescues #animals #horses #animalsanctuary #fortheanimals #farmsanctuary #rescueanimals#forthem #animalrescue #vegan #friendsnotfood #animalrights #animallovers #sanctuary #veganfortheanimals #farmsanctuary #animallover#sanctuarylife #compassion #animalsofinstagram #animalshelter #nature #vegansofig #veganlife #nonprofit #love #rescueanimals #farmanimalsanctuary #someonenotsomething

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Horse Illustrated Feature Story

The May issue of Horse Illustrated featured an article that included Miami, Mason, Thunder and Nick. To read the entire article, click here. If you read their bios, you will see that all four of these lovely souls came to For Them Farm from the Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation (ERAF). We are so glad to be partnered with ERAF and help provide forever homes for this Fab Four.

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Fab Four Reunited!!

Meet Miami, Mason, Nick, and Thunder. These 4 guys used to be pasture pals and have been reunited at their forever home. Keep an eye out for each of their stories this month. #rescues #animals #horses #animalsanctuary #animalrescue #501c3 #fortheanimals #farmsanctuary #rescuedanimals

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Working on the New Chicken Shelter

Nobody likes to live without shelter. Because I have gotten quite a few chickens and ducks, one day, out of the blue, I decided to build them a shelter. I calculated the supplies I would need, and headed down to my local Home Depot. I filled my SUV and drove back to the farm with 2x4s hanging outside my car windows. I am going to have to visit the Arrigo dealership in Ft. Pierce soon and get a pickup truck!! I still have a way to go to complete the shelter, but all in all, for doing it all…

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Finally Doing It

If you’ve read my “My Why” page, then you’ll know that this has been a life-long dream (aka goal) of mine — to create an animal rescue environment for as many animals that it is possible for me to care for. My dream is finally in process. I have filed all the paperwork for a 501(c)(3) organization, and hopefully, with grants and donations, I will be able to increase the number of animals that I care for exponentially. My heart feels full. In the meantime, I will willingly and gratefully accept donations of any amount to help with the…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I became an animal activist at a very young age. At 10 years old, after learning that animals were killed to become food, I became vegetarian, and at 20 became vegan.

In 2020, I bought this small farm with the goal of creating an animal sanctuary to provide a forever home to any animal in need. I am making that dream come true. My life mission and purpose is to relieve and end as much suffering as possible for the innocent. Ending animal suffering is my reason for living. I will be sharing stories about the animals, and what is going on at the Farm here, and hopefully will be able to increase our resident population. If I could help them ALL, I would!!

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